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Submitted on
November 29, 2013


There they are frozen in their own universe entranced in each others mere existence. The girl smiles blushes but tilts her head away from her partner so as to save the embarrassment. The boy does a quirky little half smile and still looks gobsmacked by her presence. They stand off to the side of the dancing masses. Slowly undulating to the beat. Incorporating the music into thier hive mind. But the music falls on deaf ears, the rest of the auditorium doesn't exist.

"What're you staring at?" You're ripped from your observation of the blossoming of teenage love. "Huh?" You reply to your date. It takes your brain a fraction of a second to realize that you had indeed heard the question and didn't need to hear it again. You quickly tack on an earnest enough "Nothing." You date pokes you in the arm playfully "You want to go?" If only they knew. Yet you somehow find yourself mutter an absent minded " Nah, the night is still young." You think they say something but you don't hear it clearly. They don't attempt to regain your interest so you simply fall into silence swaying around each other.  

The last couple months have been some of the best of your life. You finally found someone willing to laugh at how strange you are and occasionally lock lips with. There are plenty of other benefits however those two are the first two off the top of your head. You finally though found the needle in the haystack, though in the teen years it seems more like searching though a stack of needles looking for straw of hay. It was one of the things you thought about long before it became a reality, it seemed a lot nicer having time to be romanticized in your head. However, like all things, the picture is much different than the practice.

A few weeks ago you started to do the thing that you always do, overanalyzing yourself. You naturally began to think of what exactly lead up to this point and why you took pleasure in their company in the first place. You went over the positives in your partner, their natural charm, the way they effortlessly seemed to weave words together, and most notably how they had the makings of a strong leader. But your mind took these traits and began breaking them down. Finding their holes, their caveats. And after you convinced yourself that all of their positive qualities were simply results of your own insecurities you couldn't stand them any more. They just became a reminder of your own weakness.  What exactly did you want then if this lovely creature wasn't enough for you? Well, quite honestly, you didn't know.
In an attempt to broaden the genres I can write, I did this travesty. I wanted to write romance but I got about halfway through and said "Ha, nope" then proceeded to lazily crush any hopes that I can craft a story with a happy ending.
I really, really like this :D

It's so realistic, and the style of it just flows, Nox.
c0mpleX-simplicitY Nov 29, 2013  Student General Artist
Many thanks dear girl.
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