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Submitted on
November 30, 2013


I'm an owl, seeing what the night withholds from the eyes of the untrained. Perched on my tree driven to see both the allure of the day's light and the atrocities born by night. I refuse to sleep during the darkest hours, to know only of trivial problems, to stoke my own fires of ignorance. I see all during the night. The adulterers and their unbound lust. The murderers and their senseless aggression. The liars and their words of thorn and honey. I see, and do nothing, because I feel nothing. Not for the aggressors nor their victims. I am simply there to watch. To observe and hypothesize. Not to intervene. Is it wrong to think nothing of the travesties I watch? No, it is my nature. Just as it is in the nature of others to plunge forth into that wretched maelstrom. When those brave souls either conquer or are consumed, they may look up and see the faint light of my eyes in the night and know that I saw it all.
This has like other meaning and shit yo. Just so you all can see how deep and sht I am.
That's deep, Nox XD

The idea is really interesting, though.
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